Communicating with legislators – how to make your case

When communicating with legislators remember several things:

  1. Introduce yourself and when writing a letter or e-mail sign your name and give your address.
  2. With 500 to 600 bills to consider a legislator is not likely to know the specifics of the bill in which you are interested, so be sure to indicate the bill by number and title.
  3. Keep in mind that the legislator may not be familiar with the issue you wish to discuss.
  4. Give concise information associated with the bill that supports your point of view.
  5. Share a relevant story to illustrate your point.
  6. Ask the legislator what his/her view is on that bill.
  7. Explain what you want to happen.
  8. Ask the legislator to vote a certain way or to support a particular position.
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