SD BPI testifies AGAINST a constitutional convention to require a federal balanced budget

HJR1001, calling for a constitutional convention to enact a federal balanced budget amendment, passed the Senate State Affairs committee this morning 5 to 3 with 1 voting member excused.

Why did SD BPI testify against the resolution?  Read our testimony and find out!

Testimony:  “As part of our non-profit, nonpartisan Read more

SD Budget & Policy Institute testifies on education funding & teacher salary trends in South Dakota

On January 22, 2014 SD Budget & Policy Institute shared its research on education funding and teacher salary trends through testimony to the SD Legislature’s Joint Appropriations Committee.

Testimony highlights included:

  • SD k-12 per student funding (from all sources) is 24% lower than our regional states.  Drilling down into funding
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Trends in sales and property tax relief programs for elderly South Dakotans

Senate Bill 194 Sales and property tax relief for elderly persons and persons with a disability.

Senate Appropriations Committee is scheduled to hear SB 194 Thursday morning, 2-2-12.  South Dakota has a long-standing program that provides sales and property tax relief to the elderly and disabled poor.  Program eligibility is … Read more

South Dakota Needs a Summer Study Looking at Revenue and Tax Expenditures

by Joy Smolnisky

4-19-10  Testimony calling for a legislative summer study looking at tax expenditures was presented to the South Dakota Legislative Executive Board by SD Budget & Policy Project Director Joy Smolnisky on April 19, 2010. She noted that South Dakota is one of only nine states that do … Read more