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How many people in YOUR South Dakota county need Medicaid Expansion?

New US Census data helps South Dakota counties understand just how many of their low-income residents have no health insurance.quote

A few years ago we[i] published the detailed census estimates of how many low-income uninsured residents in each SD county would be eligible if the state expanded Medicaid.

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South Dakotans Talking – Education Funding

The public is invited to join in a non-partisan budget conversation on k-12 education funding and teacher salaries  (presentation power point)

Come and learn about k-12 education fiscal policy basics and SD teacher salaries with the focus on the facts. Then begin a consensus-building discussion with other community members. (

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Happy Birthday – SD Budget & Policy Institute

This month marks the first anniversary of SD Budget & Policy Institutes (BPI) work in South Dakota

“WHAT – hasn’t that group been at it for years in South Dakota???”

Yup – since 2010 – but under an old title of SD Budget & Policy Project, which was a project … Read more

Listen in on a discussion about SD’s bottom ranking in use of budget tools

Midday Interview 2-5-14Read more

SD Budget & Policy Institute testifies on education funding & teacher salary trends in South Dakota

On January 22, 2014 SD Budget & Policy Institute shared its research on education funding and teacher salary trends through testimony to the SD Legislature’s Joint Appropriations Committee.

Testimony highlights included:

  • SD k-12 per student funding (from all sources) is 24% lower than our regional states.  Drilling down into funding
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Follow SD B&PP research on twitter @sdbudgetpolicy

Follow us @sdbudgetpolicy

SD Budget & Policy Project will be tweeting links to our research on bills and fiscal policy decisions under consideration during the SD 2013 Legislative session.

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Medicaid Expansion – a South Dakota decision

The June 2012 Supreme Court decision confirmed healthcare reform was constitutional, but reserved for states the right to decide if they want to participate in Medicaid expansion. SD Budget & Policy Project has compiled two factsheets sharing the basic research available to help inform this South Daktoa decision

Factsheet #1Read more

New discussion series focuses on Medicaid Expansion – a South Dakota decision

South Dakotans Talking is back with a new topic!

As a state South Dakota is faced with a decision — do we wish to partner with the federal government to strengthen our state Medicaid health insurance program to cover thousands of low-income uninsured South Dakotans? 
Please join us for a … Read more

2013 Calendar for South Dakotans Talking

Medicaid Expansion – a South Dakota Decision

Your local hosting organization and the SD Budget & Policy Project invite you to South Dakotans Talking:

  • Learn about South Dakota’s Medicaid expansion option  — Who is impacted?  What will it cost? How will it affect health care providers and consumers in
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Report documents outcome of “South Dakotans Talking” discussions

Listening to South Dakotans Talking

How South Dakota collects and spends money should reflect its citizens’ shared values — the consensus about needed public services and how they should be financed. That belief prompted a facilitated community dialog process by the South Dakota Budget & Policy Project. Called South Dakotans … Read more

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