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Is Medicaid Expansion Good for South Dakota’s Business Community, Economy and People?

Link to study by University of Nebraska PhD dated 12-15-13.… Read more

Amendments to South Dakota’s 2015 General Bill

Updates 3:50 pm 3-12-14  AmendPacketSB187 from LRC LRC published amendment list with attached wording of each amendment is now available. 

Any alterations to the general appropriations bill will happen tomorrow (3-13-14) at the Joint Appropriations Committee 8:00 am hearing, when the bill will be opened for amendments.

The LRC … Read more

South Dakota’s racial employment gap

South Dakota’s Native American-white employment gap is 32.7% – the largest in the nation.[i]

What accounts for this large employment gap between whites and Native Americans in South Dakota?   

Native American-white employment gap in SD

Analysis of South Dakota’s racial employment gap examined how the odds of being employed are affected by state of residence, Read more

Should South Dakota allow its summer seasonal tax to sunset or make it permanent?

HB1066  continue the current rate of the gross receipts tax imposed on visitor-related businesses

The SD tourism, or seasonal tax, was changed effective July 1 2009 from 1% to 1.5% through June 30, 2013 on certain lodging and amusement services that is imposed for tourism promotion.

House bill 1066 continues … Read more

Should South Dakota increase energy mineral severance taxes?

SB 123  Increase Energy Minerals Severance Tax (raise severed energy minerals tax rates from four and one-half percent to eight percent of their taxable value.)

The South Dakota energy minerals severance tax is a tax imposed on the privilege of severing energy minerals in this state. The tax is imposed Read more

Should South Dakota repeal the contractor’s excise tax?

SB 91  An Act to reduce the rate for the contractor’s excise tax over a period of time and to repeal the contractor’s excise tax in three years.

Currently  South Dakota’s 2% contractors excise tax is projected to generate revenues of $90 million for the state general fund in fiscal Read more

HB 1187 – Interim study of South Dakota tax expenditures

A tax expenditure report is one of several fiscal tools that could help inform South Dakota budget decisions

South Dakota, like most states, is struggling to resolve a structural deficit while maintaining essential state services.  Many states take advantage of budget analysis tools that help clarify the options and consequences … Read more

Analysis of HB1230 – a proposal to increase spending on economic development

Amid 10% spending cuts, proposal increases South Dakota tax revenues dedicated to economic development

During the past 15 years South Dakota has refunded nearly $69 million of the contractors excise taxes to 38 construction projects1. That is $69 million in state tax revenues that have not been available … Read more