Back by Popular Demand – Research of K-12 Funding in South Dakota

With the Governor announcing a “Blue Ribbon” taskforce to answer some of the questions about k-12 funding, South Dakota Budget & Policy Institute is increasingly being asked to redistribute the research we’ve been compiling over the past 18 months!

Here you go – with an updated version of our power point (with speaker notes) that includes the latest findings (you keep asking more questions so we keep expanding the research!).… Read more

SD Budget Primer

A Guide to the South Dakota budget process     Download pdf

Budget PrimerRead more

Portion of SD state taxes dedicated to K-12 education drops by 25% in last 10 years

This week the South Dakota Legislature’s Apropriations Committee has been listening to seemingly comprehensive reports from the state’s Department of Education.  But something is missing:  a report about a decade’s worth of funding declines.

What wasn’t included in those Department of Education reports was an explanation about why state investment in K-12 education has been decreasing as a portion of the general fund for the last 10 years.

In 2004, … Read more