A federal balanced budget amendment sounds so reasonable – Why isn’t it?

A Federal Balanced Budget Amendment doesn’t make fiscal sense for South Dakota

At risk:  Federal Budget Spending is $8.2 billion in South Dakota

Fiscally responsible federal budgeting can and should be achieved through prudently balanced taxation and spending policies without a Constitutional Amendment requiring a balanced budget.  A Constitutional Amendments takes away options the American people may need to meet unknown fiscal challenges of the future.

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SD Budget Primer

A Guide to the South Dakota budget process     Download pdf

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South Dakota Medicaid Expansion decision delayed

Medicaid expansion will be addressed in special session or 2017 legislative session

Governor Daugaard announced that with only 10 days left in the 2016 legislative session he has “concluded that to urge the legislature approval of the Medical expansion decision this session would not give the legislature adequate time to give fair and dispassionate consideration to the proposal.”  The Governor went on to say, “This does not Read more